Exhibition Sala de Plátanos del Cabrito. Atelier del Sur. El Cabrito, La Gomera (Otto Mühls commune), Taller del Sur, El Cabrito, La Gomera

Santiago Sierra
Cement Wall Measuring 300 x 300 cm and Facing Upwards
Cement bricks 1992, 300 x 300 x 30 cm, 1992

A wall was cut in a piece measuring 300 x 300 cm each. The rests remain in situ.

Manuel Ludeña
Installation of Building Materials
Mixed Media, 1992

A pile of construction material.

Almut Linde
Dirty Minimal #9.2 — Actionpainting/Supermarket
shopping cart tire prints, footprints and dirt on framed paper, 96 parts, each 50 x 70 cm, 1992

Foot and tire imprints during ten minutes of shopping in a large shopping mall in the outskirtes of Madrid were captured on large paper sheets on the floor. The painterly gesture is a result of consumption processes.