Exhibition Dibujos laborales/Arbeitszeichnungen, Galería Angel Romero, Madrid

(top on the floor)
Santiago Sierra
20 Pieces of Road Measuring 100 x 100 cm Pulled Up From the Ground
Asphalt, 20 parts, each 100 x 100 x 10 cm, 1992

Pieces of Road pulled up from the ground form a roadwork company were cut in the gallery inpieces measuring 100 x 100 cm each. The rests remain in situ.

(top on the wall)
Almut Linde
Dirty Minimal #9.1 Actionpainting Postal Logistic Center
Tire prints, footprints and dirt on framed paper, 102 parts, each 50 x 70 cm, 1992

Foot and tire imprints during one hour of work in a large mail processing center were captured on large paper sheets on the floor. The painterly gesture is a result of functional work processes.

Manuel Ludeña
A Line measuring 17 km in Madrid
Pvc tubes, two parts, each 600 x 141 x 141 cm, 1992

The piled up Pvc tubes represent a line of 17 Km length.