Exhibition Halle K3 auf Kampnagel, Hamburg

Manuel Ludeña
Provisional Scaffolding of prefabricated elements
Wood, metal, tarp, 1860 x 512 x 65 cm, 1991

The showroom is connected with the original ceiling of the industrial hall with a DIN normed standard scaffoling.

Almut Linde
Dirty Minimal #7.5 Tree Trunks/Cut According to DIN Norm
Pine wood, 5 partes, each 500-510 cm x 55-60 cm x 55-60 cm, 1991

Applying the forms from Minimal Art leads to industrial process. The pre-supposed neutrality of the minimal form contrasts with the organic form of the material. The decision about where to place the cuts is not governed by artistic intention, but is dictated by industrial norms.

Santiago Sierra
2 Industrial Containers Measuring 1200 x 200 x 200 cm each
truck tarpaulins, wood, 1200 x 200 x 200 cm, 1991

The DIN norm of a container is reconstructed with truck tarpaulins.