Exhibition C/Sánchez Pacheco 67, El Ojo Atómico, Madrid (E)

(top on the floor)
Santiago Sierra
Rectangle Measuring 1000 x 400 cm Cut on the Floor
Concete floor, 1000 x 400 cm, 1993

A rectangle with the dimensions of 1000 cm x 400 cm was cut into the floor. The debris was distributed around the rectangle.

(top on the wall)
Almut Linde
Dirty Minimal #10.1 Actionpainting/Oil Refinery
Canvas, tire prints, oil, dirt, 2 parts, 1207 x 342 cm and 1061 x 342 cm, 1993

Tire imprints during one hour of work in an oil refinery were captured on large linen sheets on the floor.

Manuel Ludeña
Installation of 12 Concrete Blocks
Concrete, steel wire, 12 parts, each 43 x 26 x 118 cm, 1993

A series of concrete and steel beams was manufactured and fastened horizontally to the wall as a minimal series at eye level.